Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Glossary of Terms

One of my favourite past times is to seek out or develop new terms. Here are some of my top picks...

Interfacial Relationship - A relationship between people of vastly different levels of attractiveness.

Bromance - A close relationship between 2 hetero boys who regularly hang out together.

Cliche Dyslexia - The sufferer of this condition consistently says 'cliche'/expression statements incorrectly eg; behind the nine ball, like a cat out of hell, better never than late etc....

Plattertude - Platter carrying wait staff with a negative or snobby attitude.

Mantrum - A tantrum thrown by an adult male who doesnt get his way. "Kevin had a mantrum after Sally refused to stop buying shoes with his credit card".

McCained - Your ass has been kicked Obama vs McCain style.

Pawn - Porn for animals. Think cutesy calendars of dogs dressed in lacey numbers...its pawn.

An entertaining collection of terms is available on Urban

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